Tips For Buying A Stationary Fitness Bike

Before you make the final decision on which stationary bike to purchase for your home gym, it is usually advisable that you test drives both the upright bike, this is the one that resembles the traditional bike or the regular one as it is popularly known plus also check the recumbent type too.

For those who are not familiar with the recumbent type of bikes, they are the kind of bikes that provide some back support hence allowing the user to pedal straight out in front of the bike. It is usually recommended for those individuals who experience lower back discomfort when they are practicing.

One factor that we should note at this point is that it is advisable not to purchase a stationary bike from a departmental store since they do not put so much consideration into the quality of this bikes in the process of designing them. If you go for some cheap brands, some of their seats have been known to collapse while the rider is in the middle of a workout.

Additionally, these stores carry some expensive stationary bikes that do not serve the intended purpose adequately.

When you are out there comparing the type of stationary bike to purchase, you will be surprised to discover that two stationary bikes may appear similar but will have a different feeling and offer various electronic features. This is why you are encouraged to test ride the stationary bikes and also conduct a thorough check up on the features provided.

Besides the above here are some of the features that you should look out for when purchasing a stationary bike for your home gym;

Getting the best stationary bike

Type of seat


Should you go for a sturdy or comfortable seat. A bike might be having fancy features, but it may turn out to be unsatisfactory if you cannot afford to sit on it for more than five minutes. Some individuals prefer a seat that is hard and narrow while others like that which is wider and soft. One should be careful at this point as most people assume that a broader and cushy seat will automatically guarantee them more comfort. Whichever your seat preference you should ensure that you are comfortable in it and that it is securely locked in place.

Availability of handlebar and seat adjustments

Before you make the final decision on the bike to purchase, you should always make sure that when you seat on your exercise bike, your leg is straight and touches the bottom pedal stroke. You should also make sure that the handlebars and the pedal’s width straps are adjustable.


lksadnvlkasndvlknaslkdvnlaksndvlknasldkvnasdvasdIf you are adequately endowed with finance, and you want a bike that has extra features for fun be ready to pay some extra cash. These features can include preset work out capable programs, the monitors that show the heart rate and things like games that can let you race against the computer.

But for the very fundamental aspects, you should ensure that your bike is fitted with a speedometer that shows the miles that you cover per hour. This one is essential as it will measure the distance and help you keep track of the minutes.

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